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Caffeinated Thoughts Radio 4-19-14

Shane Vander Hart, Brian Myers and Bart Munson talked with Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz about his campaign in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District race.

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Monte Shaw’s First TV Ad Highlights Him as a Father, Fiscal Conservative

  Iowa agriculture advocate Monte Shaw, candidate for the Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, has released his first television ad of his campaign for Congress, titled, “Eden”. The ad features his 7 year old daughter, Eden, discussing her $55,000 share of the national debt and asking Shaw for an increase in her allowance to help pay […]


Don’t Count Your Keynesian Chickens Yet, Mr Krugman

Paul Krugman is at it again. In his latest column, “Sweden turns Japanese“, he argues that Sweden is, well, turning japanese, economically speaking – meaning we in Sweden are about to experience a lost decade of low-to-no growth. His case is based on our stubbornly high unemployment, plus our inflation rate which for the past […]


The Hypocrisy Argument, Or Why Vietnam Doesn’t Matter

Regular readers will know that I mostly write about economics and European politics. This post is an exception: Today, I would like to talk about foreign policy. More specifically, I would like to discuss the validity of what I like to call the hypocrisy argument (I don’t know whether there is an official name, but […]


Was Mark Jacobs’ Gaffe on Iraq & Iran Headline Material?

The Des Moines Register editorial board interviewed Republican U.S. Senate hopeful, Mark Jacobs, today.  Apparently when discussion foreign policy he made a gaffe and Jennifer Jacobs of The Des Moines Register reported “Iowa U.S. Senate hopeful Mark Jacobs mixes up Iraq, Iran.” Mark Jacobs was asked by one of the editorial writers about how he […]


A Disturbing Tale About Bruce Braley, Harry Reid and Texas Trial Lawyers

(Des Moines, IA) In response to today’s disturbing Des Moines Register story about the six-figure support the trial lawyers’ lobby funneled through Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC to try to prop up Bruce Braley, State Senator Joni Ernst’s campaign issued the following statement: “As a sitting U.S. Congressman who cosponsored efforts to increase transparency in […]


How A Tea Party Movement Defeated Socialism… in Sweden

This post is in many ways a sequel to my last post, “Why Socialism Needs Christianity”, in which I discussed how Christianity helped make the welfare state function in Sweden. I mentioned in my last post that the Social Democrats have dominated Swedish politics – they held power from 1932 to 1976! That is, to […]