Parent Internet Workshop

I blogged about this last week.  You can also watch it directly on his Ustream Channel.   Technorati Tags: Tim Schmoyer , Teenagers and the Internet , Internet Safety , Parenting Helps

Randy Alcorn Endorses Huckabee

You can read about it here.  I didn’t even know he had a blog.  I’ve enjoyed a few of his books, so I’m now a happy subscriber of his blog as well. HT: Between Two Worlds Technorati Tags: Mike Huckabee , Randy Alcorn , Presidential Race ’08

The Evangelical Crackup

My mom on Sunday handed me an article she was given and wondered what I thought.  The article written by David Kirkpatrick entitled "The Evangelical Crackup" was in last week’s New York Times.  It has been blogged on quite a bit, but I didn’t get a chance to read it until yesterday.  After reading the […]