Twenty Items of Interest (v.32)

1.  An example of a neighborhood missional moment:

Benched from Brandon McCormick on Vimeo.

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2.  Too Funny

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3.  Marcus Goodyear shares the Ten Commandments of talking and blogging about politics.  A very good reminder.  I don’t think I’ve broken any of them.  At least I hope I haven’t.

4.  A frequent visitor to CT, Kansas Bob,  has a new look and new URL.  Nice digs Bob! 

5.  Terry Starbucker blogs on the downside of our digital world, some good food for thought for those of us who love our technology.

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6.  Josh Harris of Covenant Life Church wrote a post on Abortion and Voting that addresses the frustration some people have with what they perceive to be “one issue voting.”

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7.  Awesome commercial for Microsoft with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.  I love it.  Too bad they aren’t going to run them.

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8.  Nuke’s News & Views asks “if McCain is just like George Bush, who is Obama like?”

9.  Barbara feels that singles get treated poorly by churches.  I can see her point.  What message does your church send to singles?

10.  Ah yes, tolerance.  Have you ever disagreed with a liberal?  How were you treated?  It seems like the default mechanism for many is to right away insult your intelligence.  How tolerant of them.

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Along these lines Velvet Hammer blogs on the tactics being used by some Obama supporters.

11.  What would a President Obama’s first act be?

What would be the first piece of legislation signed by Barack Obama? We do not have to guess. He has promised Planned Parenthood in a public forum that the first piece of legislation he will sign is the “Freedom of Choice Act.”

The “Freedom of Choice Act” would overturn all pro-life laws nationwide.

Source: Politics and Christianity

Justin Taylor has video of him saying just that.

12.  Compassion International taking several bloggers to the Dominican Republic.

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13.  Violent death in the insect world – some pretty cool pictures.

14.   This video is hilarious, but it is also sad that many liberals actually feel that way.

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15.  McAncient vs. Barackiavelli by Joseph Knippenberg – race and gender are the only things factoring into identity politics, but age as well as we see with a number of young adults.

It’s hard when you teach politics at a college not to talk about current events, so this semester, I embraced my fate, organizing several of my courses so that moments in the campaign could also be teachable moments in the classroom.

I don’t know about my students, but, thus far, early in the semester, I’ve learned a thing or two. I knew, of course, that young people had fallen for Obama, but only now, in the heat of the campaign, have I seen how hard many of them have fallen. A good number of them — especially those who are most vocal — can’t imagine voting for John McCain. When, in order to stimulate discussion, I ask them why, the conversation inevitably returns to his age. John McCain is old; Barack Obama is young. For many of them, that seems to be enough.

16.  The American Moses – George Washington

17.  Bill Huffhine posted on Faith and Socialism as there tends to be some confusion with some younger evangelicals between what they see played out in the early church compared to what is being played out in the Democratic Party.

18.  Stuff Christians Like #405 – “Saying, ‘The Bible’ when asked what your favorite book is.”

19.  Check out the Sarah Palin Name Generator to find out what your name would be if you were born to the Palins.

Mine is Wrangler Tractor Palin.  Pretty funny!

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20.  Mike Huckabee does Improv Comedy in D.C.

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