Mike Huckabee’s 2012 Door Not Slammed Shut

Huckabee 2008 Republicans NRAHe’s likely in, he’s likely out, he’s maybe inhe’s likely out, he’s out, but wait a minute… Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s heart may yet tell him yes; his no may not be a no etched in stone.

Appearing today as a guest of the Clinton School of Public Service, the surprise 2008 GOP presidential contender said he did not slam the door shut to running next year when he announced two weeks ago that he had decided against throwing his hat into the ring.

“Everything is still open. I haven’t closed doors. I found long ago that that’s not the smart thing to do,” Huckabee told reporters after a speech at the Clinton presidential library.

But Huckabee acknowledged several factors prompted him to bow out of the 2012 GOP race, not the least of which he said was the difficulty he sees in defeating Democratic President Barack Obama.

I’m getting whiplash.

He’s obviously entitled to make up his own mind in the matter, but after the exit he gave on Fox News I have to wonder how much credibility he would have and how many supporters would he alienate.  I would think that some would say, “no thank you, we’ve moved on.”  Frankly if he doesn’t believe 100% that President Barack Obama can be beaten he shouldn’t run.


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    I agree with this.  If he’s that intimidated by Obama (who is very beatable), then he may be the wrong man for the job.  Furthermore, what happened to “God” in all this?  According to Huckabee, God was basically telling him not to run.  So suddenly God might change His mind?  😉  If he does decide to run, it will make him look pretty fickle.  Of course, with the weak field, having him back in might still be a good thing, but it would definitely make you wonder about a few things.  

    Or maybe he’s just been listening to too much Katy Perry?  

    “You…change your mind…like a girl…changes clothes.”  LOL.

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    The Arkansas News story has it wrong, I believe.  I watched the entire clip the story is referring to.  It is the VP nomination that he has not closed the door to.  He didn’t say Obama couldn’t be beaten, he said it would be difficult.

    • David J Shedlock says

      I’ve listened again to the entire interview.  Huckabee is definitely not talking about changing his mind.  Any answers about the future were referring to a VP request or later years (2016 and beyond).  This looks like another  “on-the-way-out-the-door” by the Arkansas News trying to paint him as a religious nut.

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        I’m curious why he’d be interested in a VP run as that would have similar hardships (ask Sarah Palin).  A future presidential run would certainly be reasonable, I didn’t think he was shutting the door forever, just 2012.

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        Is that what the Arkansas News is known for?  Well, it wouldn’t surprise me.  I just hope Bill & Hill pay their staff well.  😉