Quick Take: Fox News/Iowa GOP Sioux City Debate


Much, much, much, much better than last week’s ABC News/Yahoo! News Debate.  So Fox News is a winner for asking different and more substantive questions.  The only question that I did not like was the one about “electability.”  That is too subjective and driven by media poll narratives. Newt Gingrich: He had a solid debate […]

Live Chat: Fox News/Iowa GOP Sioux City Debate

Fox News and the Republican Party of Iowa are hosting another debate tonight in Sioux City, IA.  I am again doing a live chat for The Des Moines Register that will begin at 8:00p (CST).  It is the same crew as last week who will be joining me: Dianne Bystrom, director of the Carrie Chapman […]

EXCLUSIVE: Family Leader and Bob Vander Plaats Will Not Endorse Gingrich, Great News for Bachmann or Santorum


At Governor Huckabee’s Gift of Life movie premiere last evening, I had an opportunity to sit down with The FAMiLY LEADER president Bob Vander Plaats. In an earlier interview I heard him suggest that the Family Leader may have to make a pragmatic decision on who to endorse for President. I was concerned that “pragmatic” […]

The Clearly Biased Agenda Of Mainstream Media

Headline brought to you by the Redundant Department of Redundancy. I remember reading a Liberal Mainstream Media (there’s that redundancy again) report concerning the TEA Party and how “nearly forty percent” hail from “The South” and how horrible that is! The South is taking over the nation! Run for the hills cities! We should discount […]

Santorum & Bachmann Should Challenge the Exceptional Candidates at Tonight’s GOP Debate


both Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann proved themselves honest, consistent, and capable pro-life candidates at the Gift of Life film premiere held in Des Moines, Iowa last night. However, the format did not lend itself to challenging the claims and record of other candidates, which is not only a legitimate, but a necessary component to […]

Santorum Received With Enthusiasm at Huckabee Prolife Forum in Des Moines


Jan Mickelson of WHO Radio echoed the sentiments of the capacity crowd at the Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, IA who gathered for the premiere of Mike Huckabee’s documentary, The Gift of Life is produced by Citizens United Productions. Mickelson was the first speaker preceding the Presidential forum to take place before the screening. […]