Christian Love Defined

ryleA challenging statement from 19th Century British pastor and write J.C. Ryle on love:

Christian love will show itself in the general spirit and demeanor of a believer. It will make him kind, unselfish, good-natured, good-tempered, and considerate for others. It will make him gentle, affable, and courteous, in all the daily relations of private life. It will make him thoughtful for others’ comfort, tender for others’ feelings, and more anxious to give pleasure than to receive. True love never envies others when they prosper, nor rejoices in the calamities of others when they are in trouble. At all times, it will believe, and hope, and try to put a good construction on others’ actions. And even at the worst, it will be full of pity, mercy, and compassion.

Yeah, I’m not there yet.  Lord, please help me to demonstrate this type of love.

HT: J.C. Ryle Quotes

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