Jack Hatch (left) stands next to Bruce Braley at the Harkin Steak Fry Photo credit: Dave Davidson - Prezography.com
Jack Hatch (center left) stands next to Bruce Braley at the Harkin Steak Fry
Photo credit: Dave Davidson – Prezography.com

(URBANDALE, Iowa) – In an unprecedented move, the Hatch-Vernon campaign today pulled the plug on TV advertisements statewide. Jack Hatch’s campaign is broke with 35 days remaining in the contest as a new poll shows Branstad leading by 14 percent.

“If Senator Jack Hatch can’t manage his own campaign’s checkbook, we certainly can’t afford him as the state’s chief executive,” said Branstad-Reynolds campaign manager Jake Ketzner. “Hatch has already pledged to raise taxes, spend more of hard-working Iowans’ money and take us back in time to the disastrous Chet Culver era. It comes as no surprise that he can’t find many donors to finance such terrible ideas.

“In contrast, Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds have led Iowa’s comeback. Since they took office in 2011, Iowa’s unemployment rate is down nearly 30 percent and more Iowans are working now than at any point in history. Branstad signed the largest tax cut in Iowa’s history, turned a $900 million deficit into a surplus and led the charge to make Iowa’s schools the best in America once again. The best part is, they are just getting started!”

A new poll released last evening from the Des Moines Register shows Branstad leading Hatch by 14 percent.

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