Polk County Republican Convention Held Amidst Dele-GATE


(Ankeny, IA) Political conventions have two purposes: to determine policies and to select people. The Polk County Republican Convention convened Saturday, March 8 at the Ankeny High School auditorium, with a platform reduced to half its 2012 size and a quasi-scandal over a delegate slate. After the pledge, Governor Terry Branstad came on stage to […]

Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Coke


Last year, the Super Bowl was greatly enhanced by the “God Made a Farmer” commercial by Dodge Ram trucks. The year before that, it was “Halftime in America” from Chrysler. This year, however, was a controversial ad by Coke, presenting the song “America the Beautiful” in multiple languages while showing various people in cultural dress […]

Be For Something


I recently finished listening to the audio version of Brother Andrew’s God’s Smuggler (it’s available for free until the end of February). Brother Andrew was a self-appointed missionary to those behind the Iron Curtain during the height of the Cold War, smuggling Bibles and aid to oppressed churches. At the end of his amazing story, […]