How Much of Our Money Does State Government Really Need?


The FY 2013 year-end report on Iowa General Fund revenues shows that state government taxing and spending is at an all-time record high, and it keeps going up. The FY 2013 net appropriations were $6.413 billion, up over $450 million from FY 2012.  The budget has grown from $4.8 billion since 2005, as Graph 1 […]

Iowans Want School Choice!


Options are a good thing.  An important part of the capitalist society is having options and the ability to choose them.  However, most Iowans do not have options for educating their children – but they want them! Iowa government schools have been considered good and have strong support from taxpayers.  However, achievement has been stagnant […]

The Size (and Price) of the Toy


The favorite toy of many little (and big) boys is a shiny, new pick-up truck.  Pick-up trucks are used for both work and play, by farmers, electricians, carpenters, and weekend warriors.  A new 2013 Ford F-150 will run a big boy a minimum of $25,000, and as much as $50,000.  Because of this, new registrations […]

Right to Work: If You Want Out, Get Out!


Right-to-Work means employees do not have to be union members.  Iowa has been a Right-to-Work state since 1948.  Workers do not have to “join or pay dues…in order to keep your job, salary, benefits, or seniority.”  This is true at a private company, a school district, city, county, or state government.   Many people have fought […]

Iowans, How Much Do You Pay in Property Taxes?


The Iowa state budget currently has a surplus, a rather significant one. This means our taxes are too high. Not that the state does not spend enough, but we are paying too much. Every penny paid in taxes is a penny not being invested in new jobs or providing for our families. And if you […]

Wasting Renewable Energy in Iowa


Renewable energy potential exists on Iowa’s rivers, but the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has not issued any new licenses in Iowa since 2010.

How Shall We Pay for Health Care?


Questions asked in 1949 about health care, its cost, care provided, and federal involvement are still being asked today.

Government Always Finds a Need


“Government always finds a need for whatever money it gets.” President Ronald Reagan, April 29, 1982 Address to the Nation on the Fiscal Year 1983 Federal Budget State government budgets are finally recovering from the Great Recession, according to the most recent report from the National Conference of State Legislatures, which met in Chicago in […]

Looking Backward: Potential, but Utopia?


The Libertarian movement, as evidenced by supporters of Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential bid, grew in strength during the 2012 Republican presidential primaries. According to the dictionary, a libertarian is one who “advocates for maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.”[1] The Preamble of the Libertarian party platform makes the following statement: We […]

Animal House or Animal Colony? Or Neither?


“Tomorrow, we vote.” – Gander, the goose, to his son in Animal Colony, by Thomas Rexroth and Mark Olsen, 2009 In the 1978 movie classic, Animal House, John Belushi (Bluto) and his misfit fraternity brothers ended up getting the best of the political establishment and politically correct college President and prestigious, elite “Omega” fraternity boys […]