“Would You Like Fries With Your Burger?”


The title is the answer to the question, “what did the English major say to the business major.”  And that’s my segue into last week’s protest by McDonald’s workers and others last week protesting for higher wages.  To say that this is laughable is an understatement.  For some reason there are those who believe that […]

Contraceptives and the Pro-Life Christian, A Conundrum


It is time for Protestant Christians to also speak out about the sinfulness of using artificial contraceptives and the behavior it can result from its use.

Gas Tax Increase? Nooooo!!!! Solutions…ummm….


Well, it appears that GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker is now carrying the torch for Iowans for Tax Relief by stating clearly, “no increase in the gas tax” in his recent post to the Iowa GOP Web Site while making clear the Iowa GOP’s solution to the problem is, well…actually, Mr. Spiker never gets around to […]