California Mom “Suspended” From Son’s School Over Testing Opt-Out Forms


Katherine Duran was suspended from her son’s school after talking to her son’s principal about assessment opt-out forms her son brought to school.

A Tipping Point in Iowa’s U.S. Senate Race?


Most political observers and pundits, especially outside of Iowa, haven’t focused too much on Iowa’s U.S. Senate race.  It is not one of the key races Senate races that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been focused on.  They haven’t ignored it, but the Iowa race is not a key one in their path to […]

Candidates Speak at March Polk County GOP Central Committee Meeting


Three U.S. Senate, four Congressional, and three Iowa Legislative candidates addressed the members on the Polk County GOP Central Committee on 3/25/14.

A.J. Spiker, Iowa Republicans and Medical Marijuana


Outgoing Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa, A.J. Spiker, wrote an op/ed on Friday that caused a stir over the weekend.  He called for the legalization of medical marijuana. Reaction has been mixed.  The liberty wing of the party and libertarians are certainly in agreement.  One State Central Committee member, Jamie Johnson, said Spiker […]

Chuck Grassley Leads Effort to Defund Common Core in U.S. Senate


Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is leading an effort to defund the Common Core State Standards at the federal level and asking his colleagues to join him.

Fred Phelps. Dead at Age 84


Fred Phelps, Sr. is dead at age 84.  Jonas Cutler wrote earlier this week responding to news that the founder of Westboro Baptist Church which is, what Joe Carter accurately described, a Christian-based family cult.  So I debated whether I would write something as well.  Just a few brief thoughts. Somebody’s death is not a […]