Sam Clovis: Obama to Solve Winter in February


(Sioux City, IA) President Obama is set to announce a new initiative called a “Climate Resilience Fund,” estimated to cost American taxpayers $1 billion.  “It seems the President is a little late in realizing that climate resilience ought to be a topic of interest for his administration.  Communities across America struggle each day to build […]

Iowa Republican Response to State of the Union Address

Here is some reaction from Iowa Republicans to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Matt Whitaker, candidate for U.S. Senate: Tonight we heard another State of the Union address from President Obama—and after more than 5 years in office the themes and proposed solutions we heard are very similar to his past addresses. The […]

Sam Clovis: Obama Might Have a Pen, But Does He Have a Constitution?


Sioux City, IA – Sam Clovis, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, took issue with comments made by President Obama during a cabinet meeting Tuesday where the President bolstered his willingness to circumvent Congress and the Constitution by use of Executive Actions. During the meeting, the President was quoted as saying “We’re not just […]

Extending Unemployment Benefits is Sign “Real” Unemployment is On the Rise


This week Democrats are talking up the need to extend unemployment benefits.  If our economy has improved why do this?  How long does one need to receive unemployment benefits?  The Senate just passed a cloture vote on a 60 to 37 vote to move ahead with a measure that will extend benefits in some states […]

RNC Releases President Obama’s New Year’s Resolutions E-Cards


Washington, DC – With the New Year fast approaching, the RNC has released President Obama’s “New Year’s resolutions”—a series of e-cards featuring what we imagine are the president’s goals for the coming year. Visitors can share the cards with family and friends. The resolutions can be viewed at They include I resolve not to […]

Terry Branstad: Biden is Dead Meat in 2016 Iowa Caucus


Des Moines, IA – Iowa Governor Terry Branstad in an interview with CNN had a blunt assessment of Vice President Joe Biden’s chances to win the 2016 Iowa Caucuses should he decide to run. “ Biden is dead meat out here. He is not going anywhere,” Branstad said during an interview with CNN on Wednesday […]

Iowa Polls: Iowa U.S. Senate and Governor’s Races & 2016


There were two polls focused on Iowa released recently.  Quinnipiac in a poll released today said that President Barack Obama receives his lowest approval rating in Iowa to date at 38%.  They also polled Iowa’s U.S. Senate race. In the 2014 Senate race, Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA), gets 43 percent, while Republican candidate, former U.S. […]

Helping Obama Spread the Word About His “Health Care” Plan


Just so we’re clear: “We’re not going back,” Mr. Obama said. “We’re not repealing it as long as I’m president. I want everybody to be clear about that. We will make it work for all Americans.” “It,” of course, is the President’s health care plan. I will refer to it here as Obamacare, despite the […]

Clovis Wants More Than an Apology


(Des Moines, IA)  “President Obama’s apology is pretty weak for those Iowans who have lost their healthcare coverage because of Obamacare,” said Sam Clovis.  “Millions of Americans are being penalized for his failing law and an apology does nothing to remedy the letters they have already received informing them that the private insurance they were […]