Robert P. George: The Days of Socially Acceptable Christianity Are Over


Robert P. George is Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). He is also a McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University.  He gave a compelling speech at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast last week in Washington, DC.  While he addressed Catholics his message serves as a warning and exhortation for evangelicals […]

Culture’s Clash with Christianity

No Christ

There is a palpable and open hostility towards Christianity and God’s Word in our society today. There is an obvious effort to ridicule, shame and marginalize Christ followers. We are front row witnesses to an organized campaign to scrub any mention or recognition of God from anything in the public arena. Why? What makes these […]

Lukewarm and Under Persecution


The great question in churches today should be, “When are we going to wake up?” Christianity is persecuted around the world and illegal in many countries. In America we are also losing our right to practice our religion unimpeded, but we continue to sit in our comfortable pews on the day of worship and adapt […]

Christianity Claims to Give an Account of Facts


Trevin Wax had this quote from C.S. Lewis on his blog.  I like this quote event though I have some reservations about its application in today’s culture. Christianity is not a patent medicine. Christianity claims to give an account of facts – to tell you what the real universe is like. Its account of the […]

What To Do About These Kinds of Prayers


I need to start out with a bit of a disclaimer: I did not watch a single minute of the RNC. If that disqualifies me from commenting on the following video, then so be it.  No, I am not a Democrat; I’m a registered Republican. However much there may be that I stand opposed to […]

Correction Representative Carson: The West Was More Enlightened Than You Think

Muslims Terror Hearings

The past week Indiana Congressman Andre’ Carson, a Muslim Democrat, made the statement to the effect that American Schools needed to be like the Madrasah schools of the Islamic world with the idea that schools patterned after these Koran centered schools would further advance the West. Oh really? Having taken a number of history classes […]

A Pastor’s Response To Barack Obama’s Gratitude to PPFA

I’m not a political animal at all. It’s not that politics and politicians don’t interest me; they do. It’s that they usually frustrate and disgust me so much that I find myself needing to have some type of a ritual cleansing after having been around them (both “politics” and “politicians”). However, there are times when […]

A helpful book, perhaps; just a bit on the academic side for this pastor.


This is a book review I find myself not wanting to write. It’s not because I disliked the book or found it harmful or flat out “wrong.” No, it’s because I found the book to not be what I expected. It’s also a college-level book, perhaps an advanced college-level sociology book and this is what […]

The Gospel in Spoken Word


I appreciate Greg Stier and his ministry Dare 2 Share.  They have a new website – Gospel Journey and with it a new video.  “Life in 6 Words: The GOSPEL.”  Watch below: The six words – God. Our. Sins. Paying. Everyone. Life.  They’ve boiled this presentation down.  The Gospel acronym used to go: God created […]

It’s Never a Waste of Time to Love a Kid


In honor of National Mentoring Month (which ends tomorrow) I wanted to share an article I wrote forReal Men back in October. My friends at Fuller Youth Institute have been researching what makes faith stick as youth transition to adulthood. The study they did with 500 youth group graduates revealed three surprising and key findings. […]

The Power of Prayer

  Lots of folks believe in prayer. Generic religionists, agnostics in need, and even atheists with an open mind about the mystical powers within us, talk about the “power of prayer”. There are even studies objectivelyanalyzing the power of prayer. I have news.   Prayer has no power.   Prayer will neither heal nor help. It will neither change the weather nor […]

Leadership Material: Sarah Palin

An animated conversation ensued around the lunch table, as Sarah Palin, her leadership and potential as a Presidential candidate was heatedly discussed.  The women, all home schooling moms and conservative Christians from various backgrounds, passionately voiced opinions that ranged from a high level of respect for Governor Palin, to a concern for her family, if […]