The Gospel Doesn’t Want Our Consent, It Gets It

God has no grandchildren.  While children and youth who grow up in a Christian home receive more exposure to the Gospel than those who don’t, it certainly is no guarantee that they’ll receive that they will repent and believe the Good News and receive Christ as Savior.  There are also “good” people who many in […]

Pastor Cary Gordon’s Two Minute Sermon

Podcast: Download My clients at Goranson Consulting and my work with American Principles Project have been so focused this election cycle on religious liberties, parental rights, and education reform that my attention has almost solely been there as well.  Though I’ve appreciated the efforts of local and national groups to get the message out about […]

D.A. Carson: Election vs. Partiality


The doctrine of election is different than partiality, D.A. Carson in his book, For The Love of God: A Daily Companion for Discovering The Treasures of God’s Word, explains that we should never get the two mixed up, as many do when they label the doctrine of election unfair.  Carson explains: Never confuse election with […]

Latte Links (8/26)

Enjoy the miscellany! R.C. Sproul: Grace Alone (HT: Reformation Theology) Christianity Today: The Health Care Debate, Early Church Style National Review: A Deck Stacked with Race Cards by Jonah Goldberg (HT: World Mag Blog) Baptist Press: Former NFL coach Tony Dungy to Michael Vick: ‘Where was the Lord in all of this?’ (HT: Kevin Bussey) […]

Twenty Items of Interest (v.44)

1.  Just wondering if other states are doing this, but Alaska is looking to divest Alaskan money in Sudan in response to Darfur.  All states should look at taking stands against genocide similar to this (if they haven’t already).  (HT: Conservatives for Palin). 2. R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries writes “Secularism: Ignoring the Eternal” – […]