The Pope and A Bishop Walk Into A Bar…

…sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. And a couple of news stories occurring this week are proving that nearly true. Pope Francis, fresh off granting plenary indulgences to 1,000s of young people just for showing up to one of his gigs (sorry, Martin Luther, all that work for nothing, I guess) and for […]

The River and The Road: A Journey of Redemption by Arthur Young

River and Road

My Review–– This is a fascinating little book. A friend (Brian Myers, of these Caffeinated Thoughts) sent it to me, having forgotten about reviewing it. So, here it is, a gift to me and hopefully, to you as well. The River and the Road: A Journey of Redemption is an allegory of redemption. The narrator seeks […]

Photoshopping Jesus


Sitting along the Gulf, I let the ocean spray and the afternoon reverie wash over me. Lazy thoughts really, drifting like the clouds overhead. Back at home my computer was loaded with projects. One of my hobbies is graphic design; that is, helping others graphically portray or “flesh out” their ideas. Thus Photoshop was on […]

Fifty Shades of Freedom


In June, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force drafted a recommendation that “clinicians screen women of childbearing age for intimate partner violence (IPV), such as domestic violence, and provide or refer women who screen positive to intervention services,” extending the call to include even those “women who do not have signs or symptoms of abuse.”[1] […]

Fifty Shades of Grace


Yesterday, I posted an article on the newest phenomenon in the publishing world. Today I want to explore the reasons fueling the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, and examine why we as believers should be concerned with the foothold it occupies in the American psyche. BLACK AND WHITE AND GRAY AREAS Torture, rape, and […]

A Severe Mercy

fetus 10 weeks

My oldest daughter is due to deliver our first grand-baby in about seven weeks. The Sorensen household is quite excited about all this; “Future Grandma” is only on the ground because I’ve weighted her pockets with lead; otherwise, she floats about three to four feet above the ground with baby ideas and gifts and visits […]

Hits a Nerve, But Misses the Mark


I’ve finally completed a review of Steve Arterburn & Fred Stoeker’s book, Every Man’s Battle.  This book has been out for a while; it was first published in 2000, with a study guide coming in 2002. Since that time, various editions have been put out by Multnomah. This is a re-release from WaterBrook, a subdivision […]

The Power of Prayer

  Lots of folks believe in prayer. Generic religionists, agnostics in need, and even atheists with an open mind about the mystical powers within us, talk about the “power of prayer”. There are even studies objectivelyanalyzing the power of prayer. I have news.   Prayer has no power.   Prayer will neither heal nor help. It will neither change the weather nor […]

Reformation Day: A Commemoration of God’s Work in His Church

Today is an important holiday. Well, not a holiday really, a commemoration. 494 years ago, a 33-year old Catholic monk and professor of theology, posted an invitation to debate certain abuses in the Church. It is marvelous that such a modest document should have had the world-shaking impact that it did. Reformation Day commemorates Luther’s […]

Latte Links (8/29)

Check out the weekend miscellany: The Upper Register: Where does N.T. Wright stand on the Atonement? Big Hollywood: Sarah Palin: One Year Later by John Ziegler Challies: Money, Greed, and God The Iowa Republican: King Rules Out Gubernatorial Bid, Vows to Remain Engaged in the Debate Evangelical Outpost: Taxing Tiny Tim: California Raises Taxes for […]

God is…

I’ve been reading The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering our Hidden Life in God by Dallas Willard, theologian and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern California.  In chapter three, “What Jesus Knew: Our God Bathed World”, he includes a quote by British Methodist theologian Adam Clarke (1760-1832). God is… the eternal, independent, and self-existent Being; […]