The River and The Road: A Journey of Redemption by Arthur Young

River and Road

My Review–– This is a fascinating little book. A friend (Brian Myers, of these Caffeinated Thoughts) sent it to me, having forgotten about reviewing it. So, here it is, a gift to me and hopefully, to you as well. The River and the Road: A Journey of Redemption is an allegory of redemption. The narrator seeks […]

Drowning Tragedy: Victims Couldn’t Help Themselves

Something You Won’t Likely See From a Drowning Man Drowning does not look like drowning Apparently, most of us get it wrong.  We think drowning victims scream for help or wave their arms in panic.  They don’t.  Moments before the process of drowning starts, most victims don’t even know they are in trouble.   By the […]

Hell is Eternal Because Men Continue to Sin Forever

The Scriptures clearly teach that God’s punishment against sinners lasts forever.   The wickedness of sin is aggravated by reason of many things, such as the fact that sin is against a holy, just, gracious, and eternal God. Revelation 16:9-11, (and verse 21) gives us an additional reason: Men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed […]

Profanity (Part Two): Trashing God’s Holy Things: Judgments, Marriage, Children


Having established that directly taking the Lord’s Name in vain is an attack upon God’s Holiness, let us now examine other forms of profanity. Because certain words can be considered offensive or foul language in one context and not in another, the intent of the speaker is central in determining whether a given use of […]

Resistance to Predestination, Analogy #2: Lifeguard: Let the Man Drown!

Lifeguard stand on a beach

Others in this series: The King of Asteroid #325 (From the Little Prince) Do Reformed views of predestination and election make God out to be a violator of man’s free will because He would make men believe when they don’t want to? There are a host of reasons why this line of reasoning is unreasonable. […]

Latte Links (10/31)

Miscellany for Halloween… or as I prefer to think of the day – Reformation Day. Al Mohler: “Free to Live and Love as We See Fit?” Jon Kalvig: Forgotten God Motor City Times: Just to Give You a Flavor of the PelosiCare Bill.  Gee, thanks Steve. Kevin DeYoung: Offendedness is a Double-Edged Sword Marco Rubio […]

Twenty Items of Interest (v.43)

1.  I think any U.S. Legislator who was for the closing of Gitmo, lost the right to say, “not in my neighborhood.” 2.  Palin book deal rumor going around… FALSE – according to Greta Van Susteren (who seems to have an in with the Alaskan First Family).  Her reason for getting the facts out there? […]