New Hampshire Primary: No Surprise Romney Wins; Paul Second, Huntsman A Surprise Third (Update: Santorum Edges Out Gingrich)

Updates below I had a good time live chatting with the guys from  The top three spots were called pretty early making it a really short night.  Below is a jpeg of the AP/Google politics heat map.  Mitt Romney is yellow, Ron Paul is green, and Jon Huntsman is light blue: As of 1:39am […]

Five Items of Interest: Santorum’s Gay Marriage Exchange, Cain’s Endorsement & Ron Paul Negativity

Some items of interest for the week. 1.  Rick Santorum’s New England College Gay Marriage Exchange This exchange below was held at College Convention 2012 at New England College in Concord, NH and was open to college students from all over the state regardless of political party. Visit for breaking news, world news, and […]

Post-mortem Caffeinated Thoughts on the 2012 Iowa Caucuses


Here’s some random observations on the caucus season which has just concluded and we’ve either enjoyed or endured, depending upon your view: Much has already been said about the Kent Sorenson switcharoo, but one thing I haven’t heard as yet is discussion on the implications of the flap upon the Christian faith. Sorenson, Michele Bachmann, […]

How the Hawkeye Caucii May Impact The Granite State Primary

By Skip Murphy Well, we’ve now been through the warm up where the players assembled, a few that were desired by the fans declined to come out and play, and some of the would be players stayed home when the prelim lineup matchups didn’t play out as they wanted. We saw a wide range of […]

How Rick Santorum (Almost) Won Iowa

Slow and steady wins the race, at least it did in this case as Rick Santorum set about doing a “full Grassley” visiting all of Iowa’s 99 Counties, some of them several times.  He actually visited the rural areas, he listened, and he spoke to their concerns.  He worked his butt off.  When Michele Bachmann […]

Iowa Caucus: What to Watch For Tonight and My Predictions

Decision Day is here.  The different campaigns had their final town halls and campaign stops yesterday.  Some campaigns are lagging, and others are showing momentum.  For instance at Rick Santorum’s final stop last night at a the Pizza Ranch in Altoona, IA it was a packed house, William Petroski who has been covering Santorum for […]

Debates: Bah! Humbug…


I hate these debates. It isn’t that they aren’t important. They clearly are, as illustrated by the following: Rick Perry went to the top of the polls merely by announcing his run. He subsequently hit the skids after abysmal debate performances. I’m not sure anyone would even know who Herman Cain was, were it not […]

60% of Iowa Republicans Can Still Change Mind in Latest Iowa Caucus Poll

That should be the real headline.  The Des Moines Register’s latest Iowa poll has Newt Gingrich currently leading at 25%, Ron Paul is 2nd with 18%.  Mitt Romney drops to 3rd with 16%.  Michele Bachmann and the now former candidate Herman Cain are at 8% (down from 23% last month when The Des Moines Register […]

(Updated) Michele Bachmann’s Campaign Claims It Shares Herman Cain’s View on Abortion and Marriage


Update 10:45p: I just got off the phone with Alice Stewart.  She called to provide some context to her comments.  She said she was in a rush when Jason Noble of The Des Moines Register called and was in the process of getting on a plane.  She said she was distracted and should have asked […]

Herman Cain is Out


Herman Cain is now officially out having announcing the suspension of his campaign today.  I’m not surprised, and believed he needed to get out amidst the accusation of an extra-marital affair.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports: Herman Cain ended his Quixotic bid for the White House on Saturday, telling hundreds of supporters in Atlanta the […]

Five Items of Interest: Iowa Caucus Edition

I’m back from my short-term blogging hiatus.  It’s good to see that my blogging absence hasn’t impacted traffic since David’s picking up my slack.  I had a great Thanksgiving, I hope you did as well.  I had planned to be back to writing, but it is amazing how little time you have to write when […]

AEI/Heritage/CNN National Security Debate Winners and Losers

I watched last night’s GOP Presidential Debate on national security hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation and CNN with great interest.  It was the first debate focused solely on national security issues, and since the President is the Commander-in-Chief I think it is vitally important to know how he or she will fulfill […]

We’re sifting… and sifting… and sifting


  I am the father of four grown daughters and I have the mental and emotional battle scars to prove it.  Thank you for your sympathy. One of the important duties for men that have drawn this lot in life is to sift through the list of candidates who wish to date their daughters, when […]

Iowa Poll Shows Gold Standard is a Winning Issue & Newt Gingrich Has Gained Ground

American Principles in Action  commissioned a poll in Iowa that surveyed 501 likely Republican Iowa Caucus goers and found that they favor a return to a gold standard by a 3-to-1 margin.  57% of Iowa Republican caucus goers have a favorable opinion while only 17% had an unfavorable position.  Not only that caucus goers are […]