Republican National Convention Puts Spotlight on Republican Women Leaders


If you only watched MSNBC you’d probably think that the GOP just consists of old white men.  In reality the Republican Party have quite a few strong female leaders, and they have been putting them on display this week.  Including a good number of minority women which I’m sure Chris Matthews is disillusioned over. I […]

Nikki Haley at RNC: Obama Will Do Everything He Can to Stand in Your Way


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley encapsulated how harmful President Barack Obama is to federalism and our economy.  She said, echoing what other Republican governors had said earlier during the Republican National Convention, “the hardest part of my job has been this federal government, this administration, and this president.”  She said that President Obama “will do […]

South Carolina Moves to Protect Infants Born Alive


COLUMBIA, SC – The South Carolina House voted today 107-0 to require protection for infants born alive as a result of a failed abortion attempt. The bill, based on Americans United for Life’s (AUL) model language, previously passed the Senate 27-3. It now will go through a third reading and then on to Governor Nikki […]

Arne Duncan the Common Core Bully

What happens when a state decides or some state legislators decide they don’t want national standards… you know the standards that were slated as optional… not pushed by the Federal government… completely developed by the states (meaning the National Governor’s Association and Council on Chief State School Officers)?  Why Education Secretary Arne Duncan wishes them […]

Haley Supports Blocking Common Core Standards (Updated with Letter)

Governor Nikki Haley wrote a letter of support for Senator Mike Fair’s bill, S. 604 that would block the common core state standards from being implemented.  The AP reported: Gov. Nikki Haley supports Fair’s bill, as an extension of her frequent complaints of federal overreaching. “Just as we should not relinquish control of education to […]

Haley Stands Up to Obama on Education

It seems that President Obama has been having trouble with female governors lately.  First was the meeting with Governor Brewer of Arizona recently that raised more than just a few eyebrows and now Governor Haley of South Carolina has boldly stood up to Obama’s educational vision for America. Governor Haley pointed out the flaws in […]

Haley Unveils FY 2012-2013 Executive Budget

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Governor Nikki Haley, surrounded by members of the Cabinet, unveiled her FY 2012-2013 Executive Budget during a Statehouse press conference. Gov. Haley said, “To control spending, our state government can and must function within a spending cap. Any General Fund dollars above and beyond the cap should go towards tax relief, debt […]

The South Carolina Strategy


No Republican candidate for president has won the nomination of the party without winning the South Carolina going back to Ronald Reagan in 1980. With this fact in mind, the candidates attention now turns to South Carolina.  Last Friday, Mitt Romney and Governor Nikki Haley are at the Peanut warehouse in Conway, SC. Newt Gingrich […]