Update: Romeike Family Given Indefinite Deferred Status, Supreme Court Declines Romeike v. Holder


Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States declined to hear the case of a German family seeking asylum in the United States because of persecution they endured in Germany because of their homeschooling.  The Romeike family left Germany after facing fines and possible jail due to their desire to homeschool their children. HSLDA has […]

Social Conservatives in Iowa Rally for Life, Marriage and Family


Des Moines, IA – The FAMiLY Leader yesterday hosted their annual Life, Marriage and Family Rally at the Iowa Historical Building Auditorium two months earlier than when it has been held in the past.  Greg Baker, political director for The FAMiLY Leader, explained to the approximately 100 social conservatives gathered they wanted to mobilize their grassroots […]

Iowa Conservatives to Caucus for Leadership, Issues


Des Moines, IA – Tomorrow night, January 21, 2014 at 7:00p Iowa Republicans and Democrats will go to their respective caucuses.  Midterm caucuses are typically not well attended since it is missing the Presidential straw poll that Iowa is famous for with its First in the Nation status.  Mid-term caucuses focus on selecting delegates for […]

Chaplains to Air Force Academy: Obey the Law Concerning Oaths


(Washington, DC) The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty is receiving calls from concerned parents of Air Force Academy cadets about the Academy’s removal of the phrase “So help me God” from the Cadet Oath, the Officer Oath, and the Enlisted Oath in the Academy Contrails Cadet Handbook. “The removal of this phrase is a disservice […]

Matt Whitaker Reaches Out to Homeschoolers


Matt Whitaker, Republican candidate for Iowa’s open U.S. Senate seat, met with 15 Iowa homeschooling leaders in Des Moines to discuss issues of concern.

Obama Administration “Strongly Objects” to NDAA Religious Liberty Amendment


The Obama Administration expressed opposition to an amendment Rep. John Fleming offered to NDAA protecting religious freedom in the military.

Domino’s Pizza Founder Wins Court Order Halting HHS Mandate


U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Zatkoff granted Thomas Monighan and Domino’s Farm Corporation a court order halting the enforcement of the HHS mandate.

A Mixed Bag of a Bullying Bill Introduced in Iowa House


Iowa Governor Terry Branstad announced that a new bullying bill was introduced in the Iowa House as a result of his anti-bullying conference in November.