The American Crisis: It’s Not Just a Political Problem, It’s a Spiritual Problem

As I mentioned in my previous piece, the political animals of our culture dream that the re-election of Barack Obama was primarily a political failure addressable by compromising on political issues or formulating a better strategy. However, as Christians, we have to be aware that our nation more than having political problems has spiritual problems […]

Women Who Kill Their Children Aren’t Heroes.

Eye of One Female, Crying

It is common among leftist or feminist defenders of child killing to resort to a complaint that we pro-lifers mis-characterize mothers who abort their offspring as cold, calculating and calloused women who thoughtlessly throw away their young like leftover tissue paper. They may have a point. We mustn’t forget the human factor in this act. […]

Family Radio’s Harold Camping Embarrassed, Does Not Repent

I had heard that perhaps Harold Camping repented and that he is no longer teaching at Family Radio. I took the latter part as possibly the exercise of discipline in response to Camping’s errors. I was hopeful. Love believes all things. As for the latter, alas, Camping retired on October 16, as reported by the Christian Post. […]

Latte Links (7/8/10)


Miscellany for your Thursday… Video of the American Principles Project founder, Robert P. George, on the Glenn Beck show.  An interesting discussion on church censorship, the Manhattan Declaration, and social justice. American Thinker: Never-Ending Racial Hostility The Evangelical Outpost: The Ordinary Pointing Us Onwards Big Government: Education Blob’s Dismissal of Competition, Capitalism Will Further Its […]

John Calvin: Hating Sin Within Ourselves


From John Calvin (1509-1564) in his Institutes of the Christian Religion: Plato sometimes says that the life of a philosopher is a meditation upon death; but we may more truly say that the life of a Christian man is a continual effort and exercise in the mortification of the flesh, till it is utterly slain, […]

A Prayer for Our Nation


Since today is National Day of Prayer, I wanted to share this prayer that R.C. Sproul gave interceding for our nation: Our Father and our God, indeed You are our God, and Your sovereignty extends over all things. That as God, Your relevance and Your dominion can never be restricted merely to the realm of […]

The Anatomy of an Apology

I was surprised this morning.  It was a good surprise.  Dan Fagan has been one of Governor Sarah Palin’s chief critics.  He is the publisher of The Alaska Standard and an Alaska radio personality.  His criticism has gone beyond policy into personal attacks, maligning her character.  She hasn’t been the only victim of this, other […]

Continued Repentance

Reading the Puritan poem, "Continued Repentance" from The Valley of Vision I am reminded again of how wonderful God’s grace is.  Jesus didn’t wait for me to get cleaned up.  He didn’t wait for me to straighten up.  He didn’t even wait for me to be remotely interested in Him.  God demonstrated his own love […]