Don’t Grab the Glory


Let’s start with an excerpt from a blog by Tullian Tchividjian, Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. I will springboard off of this piece with my comments. _____________________________________ I am sadd ened when the very pack of people that God has unconditionally saved and continues to sustain by his free grace are the very ones who push back most violently against […]

Good News vs. Good Behavior


Some not so good news for church youth ministries (and parents) – we’re leaving our young people with questionable (putting it mildly) theology.  A person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know, Kara Powell, the executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute, was recently interviewed for Relevant Magazine.  She has written and […]

Plastic Jesus, Lifestyle Evangelism and the Greatest Story Never Told

Does your life reflect a real or plastic Jesus? From I can relate to both, you?  Yet our churches are likely filled with people like the man in the video and we say we rely upon lifestyle evangelism. Friends, I can’t live the Gospel.  Thank God my life is not the Gospel.  We are […]

Art Azurdia: Unequaled Greatness of the Son of God

TruthCrossing provides excellent devotional content on YouTube.  This clip below is from Art Azurdia, who is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Director of Pastoral Mentoring at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.  Jesus Christ, the friend of sinners, paid a steep price so we could come to Him.  Will you turn to Him or turn […]

It Is Not Whether Korans Should Be Burned, But Who Should Burn Them!


Just to clarify the position I expressed in my other posts, I do not think it is a good idea for a minister of the gospel to burn Qurans. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center should go to where Muslims are and preach the free grace and forgiveness of God gained by Jesus […]

The Gospel of God and Glenn Beck

One of our contributors at Caffeinated Thoughts (and here!), David Shedlock, has blogged extensively about Glenn Beck’s Divine Destiny event and Restoring Honor rally in Washington, DC.  Since Beck promoted this as being non-political, rather a religious revival of sorts I thought it would be appropriate to weigh in on it here. I’ve been pretty […]

John H. Gerstner: Mercy and Justice Kiss in The Gospel


John H. Gerstner (1914-1996) was professor of Church History at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Knox Theological Seminary.  He wrote in his book, The Problem of Pleasure: Why Good Things Happen to Bad People, that only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ can divine justice and divine mercy meet. Only the Christian gospel presents….a way in […]

Martin Luther: The Bondage of the Will


From The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther (1483-1546): In John 6:44, Christ says, "No man can come to me, except the Father which has sent me draw him." This leaves absolutely no room for "free will." The Lord goes on to explain the Father’s drawing, "Every man therefore that has heard, and has […]

The Gospel is for Christians


From Surprised by Grace: God’s Relentless Pursuit of Rebels by Tullian Tchividjian: I once assumed the gospel was simply what non-Christians must believe in order to be saved, but after they believe it, they advance to deeper theological waters. Jonah helped me realize that the gospel isn’t the first step in a stairway of truths […]

Richard Lovelace: The Heart of the Gospel


From Dynamics of Spiritual Life: An Evangelical Theology of Renewal by Richard Lovelace: The substitutionary atonement is the heart of the gospel, and it is so because it gives the answer to the problem of guilt, bondage and alienation from God. The earlier this answer can be spelled out in the process of evangelism and […]

Church and State: Clear and Distinct Roles


My post yesterday reminded me of the tension that exists between conflicting worldviews and the institutions of Church and State.  Chuck Colson in his book God & Government reminds us about the clear and distinct roles that each play. In God’s provision the state is not to seize authority over ecclesiastical or spiritual matters, nor […]

Latte Links (4/24/10)


Some miscellany for the weekend. 46% expect a tax hike during the Obama Administration (count me in that number). Why hasn’t there been any public polling in Iowa Republican primary races? The Resurrection of Christ is a mystery. Things that are not in the U.S. Constitution From Megacity to “Metacity” Has God predetermined everything?  Including […]

The Drama Is Not Dull

Why is it that in search of being “relevant,” the church has often substituted moralism for the drama that unfolds in scripture?  Why is it that we focus more on marriages, our purpose, stewardship and countless of other items that wind their way into sermons rather than “the greatest story ever told” – Christ’s incarnation, […]