Caffeinated Thoughts Radio – 6-21-14


Faith McDonnell with the Institute on Religion and Democracy discusses Meriam Ibrahim; Kate Bryan with American Principles Project discusses Common Core.

In Light of the Embassy Attacks Don’t Blame Free Speech


The Obama Administration needs to stop blaming the recent Embassy Attacks on free speech and focus instead on the root cause – the violent nature of Islam.

State Department: “Rule of Thumb” Refers to Wife Beating


The Daily Caller calls it a new frontier in hypersensitivity, I call it an exercise in stupidity.  It is also a complete waste of taxpayer resources, but hey what to expect from a guy whose role is “Chief Diversity Officer” for the State Department.  John M. Robinson explored in his “Diversity Notes” in the most […]

Obama Turns State Department Resources Into Campaign Material


First the Obama Administration changed the White House website’s biographies of former Presidents to tout President Obama’s achievements.  Apparently they are now doing it with State Department documents.  Amy Payne writing for The Heritage Foundation’s blog The Foundry reports: The State Department has recently ended its long-running series of Background Notes, which were analytical, objective […]