My friend, Chris, who is a chaplain with the Army Reserve, is serving in Iraq. In his blog, he shared some encouraging news about how the Gospel is being spread in Iraq. I am including the entire post below.

“Tonight during worship, I asked for prayer requests. One of the people who attends my service is an Iraqi woman. She got up, and said she wanted to praise God for what He’s doing in Iraq. In her home town, which I won’t mention by name, she said a new church had opened up. She also shared some stories of Iraqis she knew coming to Christ- in different towns, which I won’t mention- but, the power of her testimony was amazing. What a cool, incredible blessing it was to have an Iraqi woman testifying to the power of God at work in Iraq. As I’ve said before, this is the only thing which will ultimately make any kind of difference- long term difference- in this part of the world. (or, any part of the world, for that matter)I left worship on a high note because of that… I just think of people coming to Christ in the midst of persecution, and what that might mean for Iraq. I think it’s important to share some good news sometimes, with all the bad news that is going back to the states!”

Also there is an interesting editorial on Christianity today called “What Iraq’s Christians Need”. I encourage you to read that as well.

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