Ok, looking at my Weather Bug – it’s 13 degrees Farenheit in Des Moines, the low tonight is supposed to be -7. The high tomorrow is only 5 above zero. Our high on Sunday is 5, and our low is -10

Curiousity got the better of me, and I checked out Nome, AK on the Weather Channel’s website. It is 33, there and the low will be 32 tonight. It is supposed to be 33 for a high on Saturday, and 30 on Sunday with a low on Sunday of 19.

Then for giggles and grins, I checked the weather for Barrow, AK (well above the Arctic Circle, actually on the coast….of the Arctic Ocean) which is Alaska’s northern most city. It is currently 9 above zero. The high on Saturday is supposed to be 15 with a low of 8, and on Sunday the high will be 11 with a low of 2. This is not right! This is sick and wrong!

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