In today’s Christian Post there was an article about a federal judge throwing out suit brought by parents opposed to gay classrooms talks.

A federal judge on Friday threw out a lawsuit filed by parents who objected to discussions of gay families in their children’s classrooms, ruling the parents do not have the right to dictate curriculum in public schools.

Excuse me? I would think at the very least public schools must communicate that such topics are forthcoming, and give families the ability to opt out. This is not necessary part of the curriculum, and having this teaching forced upon them does violate the establishment clause. Some secular progressives believe that their believes are held in a vacuum, that they are not rooted in religion. My point is that every worldview is based in some sort of religious presupposition. The lack of a religion is religion, atheism is a religious worldview, even if atheists don’t care to admit this. U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf went on to say in his ruling:

”In essence under the Constitution public schools are entitled to teach anything that is reasonably related to the goals of preparing students to become engaged and productive citizens in our democracy,”

Please somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but where in the Constitution does it say anything about public education, let alone what they are “entitled” to teach? Public schools should concentrate on reading, math, science, social studies, grammar, spelling, etc. Things that they are doing a horrible job at. Let parents be the ones who tell our children what constitutes a family and what doesn’t. Reason #566 of why Cheryl and I home educate our children.

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