From the Christian Post:

Micah Challenge – a global advocacy initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance,which represents more than 420 million Christians, and the Micah Network –is speaking out against the situation in the south African nation which, among other problems, holds the record for the world’s highest inflation rate – 1,700 percent.

“The current political situation in Zimbabwe is of grave concern and if measures are not taken to mitigate the situation, the impact will be felt on every street in the whole Southern African region,” read the recently released Micah Challenge statement on Zimbabwe. “Already the economic conditions in Zimbabwe have deteriorated alarmingly and are affecting other Southern African countries.”

Thousands of Zimbabweans are migrating to neighboring countries in search of economic security and escaping political violence. The country, though by name a democracy, is crushing protests against the country’s economic crisis – leading to what some fear a police state or dictatorship. Read more

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