Ok, I’m sick of liberals talking about impeaching President Bush. For the record and to reach out to Democrats who may read this blog I think the impeachment trial for President Clinton was a waste of time too. Folks. President Bush has not done anything were there is a constitutional basis for impeachment.

From the liberal blog – Daily Kos:

For those of you keeping score at home, the ninth and tenth state legislatures to enter into the impeachment sweepstakes are: Wisconsin (thanks to State Rep. Frank Boyle of Superior) and Hawaii(thanks to State Senator Les Ihara, Jr. of Kapahulu).

Wisconsin and Hawaii join eight predecessors: California, Illinois, Vermont, Minnesota, New Mexico, Washington, Missouri, and Texas.

That makes 10 states and 80 state legislators cosponsoring the call to impeach since bills began being introduced last year.

Word is that New Jersey and Maine are on the cusp. One more state after that would put it at 1/4 of the states in the country.

But as you know, Joe Klein says that while the president is “clearly unfit to lead,” actually doing something about it is “counterproductive and slightly nutso.”

I’m sorry, but if Iowa legislators waste their time on an impeachment bill they are not fit for office. Joe Klein is right that this is “nutso”. This is a waste of taxpaywer money. Regardless how you feel about the Iraq war – President Bush has not done anything criminal. Crap like this just makes me mad.

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