I’m sure no else is interested in this, but I enjoy seeing this info every month. From Google Analytics, in the month of April Caffeinated Thoughts had:

International visitors from: Venezuela, Canada, South Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, China, India, Poland, Argentina, Turkey, France, and Switzerland

Visitors from states/territories other than Iowa: California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Colorado, Minnesota, Washington, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, New York, Michigan, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Maryland, Kansas, Alabama, Montana, Massachusettes, Wyoming, New Jersey, North Dakota, Virginia, Nebraska, District of Columbia, North Carolina, Vermont, Florida, Oregon, South Carolina, and New Hampshire

Top 15 cities represented:
1. Des Moines, IA
2. Johnston, IA
3. Urbandale, IA
4. West Des Moines, IA
5. Blandon, PA
6. Orange City, IA
7. Ankeny, IA
8. San Francisco, CA
9. Waukee, IA
10 (tie): Danbury, CT
10 (tie): Colfax, IA
12. Pella, IA
13. Los Angeles, CA
14. Cedar Rapids, IA
15 (tie). Valparaiso, IN
15 (tie). Los Rastrojos, Venezula

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