An assistant professor who supports intelligent design and was denied tenure at Iowa State University (ISU) was found to have the highest score among the entire faculty, according to the Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS),which calculates the scientific impact of scientists in astronomy.

The Discovery Institute, a think tank of intelligent design (ID) proponents, is again advocating for Guillermo Gonzalez to receive tenure, and argues that the school’s refusal is a result of their bias against ID – which holds that the biological aspects of life are too complex to have evolved randomly, but must have been produced by an unidentified intelligence. Gonzalez is author of the pro-ID book The Privileged Planet (read more – source Christian Post).

Chuck Colson recently shared a commentary titled “A Career-Killing Theory” on BreakPoint that expressed concern over the clear bias and ideological discrimination that is happening at universities across the United States. You can also read a related BreakPoint commentary by Mark Earley titled “Blocking the Gateway to Knowledge“.

Iowa State is a land grant university and a public university, so if you are a taxpayer in Iowa, send a student to Iowa State, are a current student or are alumni or a donor – let your voice be heard! . Iowa State University should be a place where freedom of thought is encouraged in such a way that it results in a desired marketplace of ideas. Shouldn’t we be encouraging students to pursue truth no matter where it leads? Is it right to punish a professor clearly worthy of tenure because of a personally held belief (not one that he even teaches in the classroom)?

Please join me in contacting Dr. Geoffroy, the president of Iowa State University at [email protected] about your concern. I’m sure that he would love to hear from you.

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