On YouTube an O’Reilly Factor segment was posted about a 14 year old girl that had a late term abortion at George Tiller “the baby Killer’s” Abortion Mill in Wichita Kansas. The video segment is embedded below.

Wednesday, O’Reilly followed that segment up in his talking points feature blasting Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius for vetoing a bill last Monday that would have required all abortion clinics to give detailed explanations to the government about the medical reasons why their abortions are performed. Governor Sebelius vetoed the bill citing privacy.

An article in today’s Christian Post reports:

According to Kansas state law, abortions cannot occur without a reasonable medical motive. Names of the women stay confidential while only the procedure is reported.

Tiller has been accused several times in the past of performing illegal late-term abortions that do not meet proper medical concerns and being vague about why the abortions were performed. The new bill would force him to give specific reasons for aborting a viable fetus, thus exposing his corrupt practices, according to pro-life groups.

Governor Sebelius has done her state a diservice by not allowing authorities the means by which to enforce this law. O’Reilly reported as well that Dr. Joe Tiller made several contributions to Governor Sebelius’s campaign. Interesting. Making $5000 for each abortion he can easily afford to. Can the citizens of Kansas afford to have in place a Governor who protects criminals and hampers means by which to enforce the law? I don’t think so.

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