CNN brodcasted a presidential forum on faith on Monday night that was put together by the Sojourners/Call to Renewal liberal evangelical (that still seems like an oxymoron to me) organization. This forum highlighted the Democratic frontrunners, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama, and former Senator John Edwards.

Some “interesting” comments were made, of the three only Senator Edwards made reference to his relationship with Jesus Christ. With Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama it was just talking about “faith” this, “faith” that, and Senator Clinton’s “extended family of faith” who helped through President Clinton’s infidelity. My question is faith in what? Faith in faith? What good is that?

From Senator Clinton:

“The pro-life and pro-choice communities have not really been willing to find common ground, and that is the great failing on all of our parts.”

Really? That is a great moral failing? Common ground on what? You have one side that believes abortion is murder and the other side who feels it is a mother’s constitutional right. Incredible. Our great failing is the millions of innocent children who have been killed since Roe v. Wade.

Edwards revealed that he prays — and sins — every day. The crowd gasped loudly when moderator Soledad O’Brien asked Edwards to name the biggest sin he ever committed, and he won their applause when he said he would have a hard time naming one thing. (Source: CNN)

I can’t believe that Ms. O’Brien would ask a question like that. You know the saying there is no such thing as a stupid question? Well there is, and this is a perfect example. Like he was going to say on national TV. I would have responded, “ok – you first.” Then I would say, “unbelief.” It is hard to believe that people actually applauded that he would have a hard time identifying which sin. Hip hip hooray for Edwards he sins every day!

Edwards also said that he doesn’t feel that his belief in evolution contradicts his faith in Christ? Huh? We are not talking old earth vs. new earth creationism here, we are talking that he believes we came from apes, but that view is supposedly ok because “God’s hand was in it.” Thanks, Senator Edwards, but I think I’ll accept the Genesis account. He also said that doesn’t personally believe that gays should be allowed to be married, but that as presidnet he doesn’t want to impose his personal beliefs on anybody. So let’s judges impose their beliefs on us. That makes perfect sense!

Senator Clinton said, “I take my faith very seriously and very personally, and I come from a tradition that is perhaps a little too suspicious of people who wear their faith on their sleeves.”

She admitted talking about her religious beliefs doesn’t come naturally to her. No, really!?!? If she took her “faith” as seriously as she says that she does it wouldn’t be so personal. Jesus commanded his disciples to make disciples. We are to tell others about Jesus. If faith in Christ is so important to you, and you take it seriously – why in the world would you want to keep it to yourself? I find that people in this “personal faith” boat usually are not as serious about their faith as they say. She also made a comment about Pharisees during her answer – is she equating conservative evangelicals as Pharisees because we take the Great Commission seriously?

Senator Obama trumpeted his stand against poverty. Like conservative evangelicals are not concerned about the poor. I’m so sick of this. Liberals are not saviors of the poor. Their answer is wealth redistribution which is just socialism. It is state sanctioned theft. How about larger tax breaks for charitable contributions? In the Bible we see God’s heart for the poor. But it is a responsibility of the Church, not the government. That doesn’t mean that government can’t or shouldn’t. But as we have seen they do not do it well.

Bottom line, James says that “faith without works is dead.” Notice none of these candidates did not say that they read the Bible. I find that interesting that their faith is so important to them, but Scripture isn’t. Followers of Christ can not put their faith in a box as these candidates are trying to do. No we are not looking for a pastor-in-chief or a theologian, but their true values and true beliefs are show in their votes. Talk is cheap. When you take positions that are clearly contrary to scripture you can not truly claim that your “faith” is serious to you, unless it isn’t historical Christianity that you are talking about.

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