The appeal was denied by ISU President Gregory Geoffroy. Not surprised. You can read about it here.

Update: David Klinghoffer, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute wrote a great op/ed piece in the Des Moines Register today.

Another Update: ISU President Gregory Geoffroy responded to an e-mail that I had sent. I am posting his e-mail below.

Dear Shane,

I am writing in reply to your earlier note about a recent tenure decision at Iowa State. I regret that it has taken me so long to respond, but I could not write until the appeal decision had been finalized and my decision delivered to the candidate. I would ask you to read my posted statement which explains the rationale for my final decision:

I do want you to know that in reaching my decision I considered only the academic merits of the case and did not allow any inappropriate factors to influence my judgment.

Thanks (sic) you for writing and for your interest in Iowa State.

Best wishes,
Greg Geoffroy, President

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