For the month of May, visitors came from:

Countries (18): United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, India, Columbia, Chile, El Salvador, Denmark, Ireland, Austria, Italy, and Indonesia

U.S. States & Territories (32): Iowa, Missouri, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Texas, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Nebraska, Michigan, Georgia, Oregon, District of Columbia, Virginia, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Arizona, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Maryland, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Colorado, Maine, New Jersey

Top Ten Cities:

1. Des Moines, IA
2. St. Louis, MO
3. Mankato, MN
4. Los Angeles, CA
5. Chicago, IL
6. South Bend, IN
7. Pella, IA
8. (Tie) Monroe, LA & Selmer, TN
10. (Tie) London, England & Atlanta, GA

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