Some great comments were made on global warming by Jim Tonkowich who is the president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

“Even in Eden, God called humans to tend the Garden and rule Earth’s creatures (Genesis 1:28). This was not a call to maintain the Earth as an unpopulated wilderness area. The Bible sees human beings, human procreation, and human industry as positive goods.

“But for many environmentalists climate control is inextricably linked to population control…. So, to save the Earth, [they believe] we have to reduce the human population. And that thinking is creeping into the thinking of some Christians…. [But] population control, which nearly always includes abortion on demand, is abhorrent to most Evangelical and Catholic Christians.

“The kind of radical fideism that some evangelical Christians are exhibiting toward catastrophic global warming is a betrayal of science and a betrayal of the Christian intellectual tradition…. The refusal to engage in thoughtful debate about global warming, while choosing instead to make dubious assertions about the debate being over or all scientists agreeing, is not a Christian approach to the issue — particularly when the livelihood and lives of the global poor are at stake.

“We must take an approach that, by contrast, promotes a culture of life and that affirms that humans and human activity are valuable, worthy, and, in fact, indispensable in God’s good plan for this good Earth.”

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