I guess not according to a recent poll of GOP faithful mentioned in the Carpetbagger Report. When I attended a Brownback function back in June, David Barton of Wallbuilders spoke. He said that evangelicals in 2000 and 2004 made it out to vote in the general election, but evangelicals are not as good at getting out for the caucus and primary vote. I would like to submit to my fellow evangelicals who read this blog that the caucus/primary vote is extremely important, especially this year. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer not to have to choose between two pro-choice, pro-gay (special) rights candidates in the general election. It is time to get to know the candidates.

Giuliani, I know has some good qualities, he did a great job as Mayor of New York City in implementing policies that helped to lower the abysmal crime rate that rose during the Dinkins administration. I also respected his leadership right after 9/11. He is, however, dead wrong on abortion, and he’s wrong for supporting the homosexual extremist agenda.

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