I’ve had a knack for driving through storms the last couple of days. Yesterday I was traveling back from Eldora where we celebrated my aunt’s 50th birthday. Cheryl was sick on Sunday so she didn’t go with us so it was just me with the kids. Right after we left Eldora we ran into a storm, and it was raining so hard I was only able to go about 40mph. There was also a lot of standing water on the road. Outside of Hubbard (the next road south if you travel on Hwy. 65) there must have been an accident because we saw a police car pulled off the side of the road with his lights on. We then had an ambulance and fire truck pass us soon after. I didn’t see a car on the other side of the road though, but there was a lot of water coming up on the road at that point though. My son, Morgan, kept on saying, “we are going to die, we are going to die” as he had a smile on his face. My 7-year-old Lily was crying.

I got to Hubbard, and had to stop to get gas at the Casey’s. I wanted to pay at the pump, but wouldn’t you know it it didn’t work! After pumping gas and running inside to try to keep, unsuccessfully, from being entirely soaked I learned that a tornado had touched in between Hubbard and Radcliffe and was heading toward Hubbard. So we got out of there quick, and this time Lily was bawling and saying, “I want Mommy!” Finally 10 miles down the road it stopped raining. Got to love the drama!

Then tonight coming back from Pella I drove through a nasty storm. A lot of lightning. Fortunately it wasn’t nearly as bad as last night, and I didn’t have my little drama queen with me.

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