I love it! My alma mater, Hoover High School won its first game since 2004 by beating Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson 26-20 (OT), yeah we weren’t that good when I was there either, but we didn’t go winless. Go Hoover, I hope the rest of the season goes well for the Huskies.

Then Iowa won its first game this year beating Northern Illinois 16-3 at Soldier Field in Chicago. The defense looked good, and I was happy with the offensive line’s performance. The rushing game was on with Albert Young rushing for 144 yards and Damian Sims ran for 110. I don’t remember the last time when Iow,a had two running backs with over 100 yards in one game. Quarterback Jake Christiansen only completing 12 passes out of 29 for 128 yards is bothersome. He did through for one touchdown, and didn’t throw any interceptions. So at the very least played a pretty clean game.

Obviously the shocker of the day is Appalachian State upsetting #5 Michigan at Michigan 34-32. Something to keep in mind that while Appalachian State was formerly Division I-AA (now called championship subdivision rather than bowl – what is that all about?), they are the defending two-time NCAA Division I-AA champions. They didn’t come into Michigan expecting to lose. The fact that were ahead 28-14 going into the fourth quarter shows you that they belonged there. They committed three turnovers to Michigan’s two – I’m surprised they still pulled it out with that stat.

Iowa State losing to Kent State 23-14 at home? Not a good start for the new head football coach, Gene Chizik, but I don’t think anybody is expecting miracles. Bret Meyer threw two interceptions, now there is a surprise.

Then Drake upset Illinois State (who was ranked #7 in Division I-AA) 27-24. Great start for the year – I hope that continues. By the way for those of you who may not be aware – Drake is classified I-AAA which means they can not give out scholarships. So it is huge to beat a time who can, let alone a team that is ranked.

Northern Iowa beat Minnesota State – Mankato 41-14. So with the exception of Iowa State it was a pretty good weekend for the major Iowa universities. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

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