Jonathan McKee wrote an excellent article at (link below).  Having been both a youth pastor in three local churches and now working for a para-church ministry this article resonates with me.  What do you think.  One thing that really jumped out at me was a quote by Chap Clark who is a professor of youth & family ministries at Fuller Theological Seminary, author of the book Hurt: Inside the World of Teenagers, and long-time veteran of Young Life.

"’Young Life is an expression of the Body of Christ reaching out to the world, and so they are an extension of the Church."

Para-Church ministries are part of the local church.  There shouldn’t be any competition, and our kingdom building gets in the way of the true Kingdom.  What do you think?

Article: When "Us vs. Them" Trumps Kingdom Mentality, the Church/Para-church Fight Brought to the Table.

(HT: Gerrard Fess)

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