Do Withreach instead.  I just discovered this website tonight and I thought I would share it as a great resource for reaching our neighborhoods and cities with the love of Jesus Christ.  They have a blog as well.

Basically the gist of Withreach can be found in this article.

…the greatest mistake of outreach is to not enter our world the way Jesus did: incarnationally. Christ’s first invasion of planet earth is the model of a highly effective mission.

How true.  We have developed a come to us mentality.  That just doesn’t work, and it promotes the idea that we do not care about those outside the church unless they come to our events.

That will be part of the conversation that we’ve been having on the book – UnChristian.  Check that out and join in by leaving a comment.

Also, let me know what you think of the Withreach website.

HT: Eyes Turned Outward

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