Michelle Malkin reminded her readers today about what true religious martyrs look like by recounting the murder of three Christians in Turkey (two Turkish nationals and one German citizen) back in April.  These men are martyrs because they died for the cause of Christ.  Their crime?  Publishing Bibles.  A far cry from the “martyrdom” of terrorists who blow themselves up in marketplaces.

CBN aired a report on these martyrs.

I’m reminded of Revelation 12:11

And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death, (ESV).

Thank God for their faithfulness.

Along the same lines, though the motive of the shooter(s) is not yet known… please be in prayer for the families of those killed in the two shootings in Colorado today (one at a Y-WHAM training facility in Arvada, and the second shooting at New Life Church in Colorado Springs).  There were some who were also wounded please pray for them as well. (See here for more details.)

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