John McCain has been declared the GOP winner in New Hampshire by NBC and Fox.  Mitt Romney came in second, and Mike Huckabee third.  I’ll update later with official results. 

The Democratic race is still too close to call despite exit polls that showed Barack Obama ahead.

My thoughts – John McCain certainly surged late in the last few weeks.  Romney had a solid lead in polls a few weeks ago, so I think Mitt Romney is hurt the most by tonight’s results.  While Mike Huckabee only came in third he has seen a bounce since the Iowa Caucus he was polling about sixth.  He now comes ahead of Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Ron Paul.

I’ve very surprised by the early results that have Hillary Clinton ahead.  The latest polls had Obama up by 4 to 10 points depending on the poll you were looking at.

Update: 10:03 PM – Clinton is declared winner of New Hampshire Democratic Primary by 3% with like 70 something percent of vote in.  Pundits are saying that the independent vote they thought was going to go vote Democrat and for Obama instead went Republican and voted for McCain.

Senator Clinton speaking…. “she has a full heart.”  Almost makes me want to cry like Hillary.  Acting warm and fuzzy, I think I’m going to puke.

Some new SurveyUSA head to head polls with different GOP contenders vs. Barack Obama.


Obama (55%) vs. McCain (38%)
Obama (58%) vs. Huckabee (35%)
Obama (66%) vs. Giuliani (26%)
Obama (59%) vs. Romney (33%)


Obama (43%) vs. McCain (50)
Obama (46%) vs. Huckabee (46%)
Obama (49%) vs. Giuliani (41%)
Obama (51%) vs. Romney (39%)


Obama (35%) vs. McCain (54%)
Obama (35%) vs. Huckabee (54%)
Obama (41%) vs. Giuliani (47%)
Obama (44%) vs. Romney (43%)

HT: Right Wing News

Thoughts – I think we can safely say that Iowa is trending Democrat, but it is still early.  I read in a comment section on Right Wing News that we are becoming “Illinois Light, but without the corruption” Some may wonder why Thompson wasn’t included the fact that Thompson has no organization.  He needed only to collect 500 signatures in Delaware – to get on the ballot, only 500, but fell way short.  If he can’t even manage his campaign well, how in the world do we think he could govern capably?

I also wonder if Romney can’t poll ahead of Obama in the solidly red state of Kentucky, how in the world do some think he would be the best nominee?  Clearly with an Obama nomination Huckabee or McCain would be the best to run against him.


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