I thought I would pull together twenty links, videos, quotes, pictures that in my opinion are interesting (but not worth a separate post) and do a blog post every week.  I got this idea from Joe Carter who does something similar with 33 Things.

1.  Remember the GOP Debate moderated by the Des Moines Register almost a month ago?  Neither do I!  Mary Katherine Ham did a HamNation video for this non-event which will go down in infamy as the worst debate ever.

2. Iowa is going to be a battleground state for gay rights as the Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of a gay woman adopting her partner’s children.  While on Tuesday hundreds rally at the Statehouse in support traditional marriage and demanding to be allowed to vote on the Iowa Marriage Amendment.

3. Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security says that waterboarding is torture, as does U.S. Intelligence Czar, Mike McConnell.

4. The first Indian-American Governor and the youngest Governor in the United States was sworn in on Monday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Thirty-six-year-old Governor Bobby Jindal is also the first nonwhite Governor since Reconstruction in Louisiana.

5. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen believes Guantanamo (the prison) should be shut down.  This is also a position taken by presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee.

6.  Granite Slab which some see Jesus on the Cross (on the right) is to be sold on eBay.  Man you can buy anything there!  I’m waiting for the Shroud of Turin to show up.

7.  Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have a MySpace profile – the mayor of Arlington, Oregon refuses to step down after posting pictures of herself posing in lingerie on a fire engine on MySpace.  I wonder if she was up for re-election?  It would be safe to say that someone demonstrating poor judgement like this would be better off not being mayor.

8. Researchers in Great Britain were given the green light to create human-animal embryos.

9.  Young Christian voters break from traditional right according to a recent survey done by Relevant Magazine.

“In general, we’re seeing that twentysomething Christians hold strongly to conservative moral values, but at the same time don’t feel that their personal moral beliefs need to be legislated to people who don’t agree with them,” Relevant founder and publisher Cameron Strang said in a statement. “It’s an interesting paradox, and is creating clear division between this generation and the religious right.”

10.  Hopegivers International is a ministry which helps to support orphanages, schools, medical facilities and various community projects in India announced that it plans to adopt 300 children of prostitutes.  They explain this new initiative here, and you can donate here.

11.  Things that you shouldn’t put on your sign in order to attract potential employees.

Funny Pictures

12.  CNN Rants Against Evangelicals

Just when I thought CNN was starting to treat Evangelicals fairly they let Jack Cafferty out of his cage. On Thursday he went on a tear accusing Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee of wanting to “put more God-like stuff in the Constitution.” The “God-like stuff” that he was referring to was amending the constitution to ensure the right to life and to prevent the courts from redefining marriage. Cafferty went on to say that Evangelicals are the reason George Bush was in office for eight years and, therefore, they are responsible for all of America’s troubles. Cafferty then said that Huckabee is “trying to bring out those Evangelical voters, to get them to the polls” by using the God-like stuff talk. Cafferty didn’t even try to cloak his disdain for Christians, leaving me to think he would much rather be reporting on bringing out the lions or staking Christians to the poles instead.

HT: Family Research Council Blog

13.  The new old cliches – HT: Gina Dalfonzo @ The Point

14.  John Mark Reynolds on Bull Moose versus Reagan Republicans: What is a conservative?

15.  My friend Jake Bouma is givng away a free copy of Dying Stars EP (his
music) to the first 30 people who comment.

16. Scientists claim to have produced embryo clones of two men – HT: Matt Proctor

17.  Southern Baptists re-introduce Calvinism into their seminaries.  HT: Justin Taylor

18.  C. Michael Patton has a lighter theological discussion on ghosts.  Pretty interesting.  He is also a fan of Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi channel like me.  I find the show entertaining, but also sad at times.

19.  Another funny picture

Made me laugh out loud – HT: Des Moines 360

20.  Sam Rainer on the Self-Indulgent Church.

  1. Where ever did you find that picture of the McDonald’s sign? I am an associate manager for McD and laughed out loud at that!! 🙂

  2. Where ever did you find that picture of the McDonald’s sign? I am an associate manager for McD and laughed out loud at that!! 🙂

  3. Where ever did you find that picture of the McDonald’s sign? I am an associate manager for McD and laughed out loud at that!! 🙂

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