I was irritated by the lack of time that Mike Huckabee got during Wednesday night’s CNN debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

I think Governor Huckabee gave a superb answer to the question “who do you think that Ronald Reagan would endorse?”

I don’t think this was a helpful debate in that it seemed to be fixated between McCain and Romney bludgeoning each other rather than actually dealing with actual issues.  McCain came across as petty.  He also mischaracterized Romney’s record on the troop surge in Iraq.  Too much time was spent bickering about semantics.

Ultimately I think McCain lost, Romney didn’t hurt himself or help himself.  Huckabee did the best, but likely won’t get much help from it due to a lack of air time.  Ron Paul shouldn’t be in this still, but he still has money to run so let him run.  His involvement in the debate was more of a distraction than a help.

I give Anderson Cooper an F for his moderation.

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