… before we see a decline in our nation.  I wanted to share an excerpt of an article by Charles LiMandri who is the general counsel for the National Organization for Marriage.  He has been active in the effort to get a constitutional amendment to protect marriage in California.  That measure will be on the ballot this November.  Something that all who care about traditional marriage needs to be praying for.

He also is a member of the Religious Liberty Committee of the California Catholic Conference of Bishops and serves on an advisory committee to the White House on issues of importance to Catholics.

A friend recently asked: “How long do we have left as a society?”  In answer to that question I informed her about an interesting and comprehensive study that a renowned British anthropologist, Joseph Unwin, PhD., presented to the British Psychological Society in 1935.  Unwin sought to prove that the traditional monogamous model for marriage was not essential to the maintenance of a healthy society.  After studying 86 different cultures, across time and continents –and much to his surprise — he came to the inescapable conclusion that the traditional male-female monogamous model for marriage was indeed the best foundation for a healthy and productive society.

Unwin found that societies that adopted this model typically took about three generations to reach their peak of productivity and progress.  After that, frequently, a gradual development of complacency and licentiousness would take place and what he described as an ”outburst of homosexuality” would sometimes occur.  When that happened, and the society started to move away from the traditional model of male-female monogamous marriage as its foundation, it would begin to unravel.  It would then take another three generations of deterioration from that point for the society to collapse.

It is my opinion that between the end of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction of the South, proceeding through the Industrial Revolution, and continuing up until about the end of World War II in 1945, the U.S. reached its zenith.  Then came the U.S. Supreme Court’s Everson decision in 1947 which imposed an unconstitutional “Wall of Separation” between Church and State.  This directly contradicted the vision of the founding fathers.  Upon his farewell address to the nation, George Washington tried to impress upon his fellow countrymen that it was “Religion and Morality” that served as the foundation for our young nation.  (Read the rest at Catholic Exchange)

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