1.  My friend Eric put up some pictures that he took with the recent Des Moines floods.

Tim_Russert 2.  Allan Bevere on the tragic death of Tim Russert, the host of NBC’s Meet The Press show on Sunday mornings.

Russert was one of the best in journalism. As a news and politics "junkie," I truly enjoyed listening to Russert conduct an interview and comment on the politics of the day. He embodied the serious "old school" journalism, which was quite refreshing in the now "new school" of talking-head pundits whose nature is pomposity and rudeness.

Be sure to read the whole post, there are a lot of good lessons that can be learned from Tim Russert’s life.  Also be sure to be in prayer for his family.

3.  My friend, Steve, asks a great question.  Especially in light of the Emergent discussions and wanting to get past what is deemed as "institutional".  A lot of that can breed much disrespect for the elderly in our churches.

So, how do you view older people in your church?

4.  Tony Mitchell over at RedBlueChristian.com says (borrowing from Thomas Jefferson) that in order to maintain a free democracy we must have an educated populace.  That parents need to teach their children to be good citizens.  What does it mean to do that?  Good read, and a good reminder that we shouldn’t depend on the schools to do this.

5.  Iraqi women being trained and armed by the Marines.

It will be interesting to see this play out.  Remarkable that this could happen in an Islamic country.

HT: Foxfier

6.  Family Research Council points out "zero tolerance" being demonstrated by the homosexual community when the Kern County (CA) elected clerk and auditor-controller, Ann Barnett, said that Kern County won’t perform any marriages to legally avoid having to perform homosexual marriages.

7.  Evidently Barack Obama’s position won’t be different that John Mcain’s.  At least that is what Iraq’s Foreign Minister was led to believe.  Interesting.  Are we going to see that in an upcoming Obama ad anytime soon?

8.  Tiger Woods is a stud.  (HT: Kevin McCullough)

9.  The hypocrisy of Blackwater who wants to be judged under Sharia law in Afghanistan, but fought against Iraqi jurisdiction earlier.

10.  Teen girls in Gloucester, MA had a pact to get pregnant.  Seventeen of them did.  What they heck?  Craziness.  (HT: Dr. Melissa Clouthier)

11.  David Brody had a chance to sit down and ask Barack Obama – "Is there a culture war going on in America?"  His answer:

Well, I don’t think there is in the minds of ordinary Americans. I think sometimes Washington tries to create a culture war. I think that most Americans have a pretty sensible attitude about these issues. They recognize, for example, that when it comes to the issues of the black family and inner city poverty that discrimination has played a role, our tragic history has played a role, the fact that there aren’t jobs in the communities for African-American men often times weakens the family.

But as I said on Sunday, what I think most people also recognize is you’ve got a personal responsibility to look after your kids. If we have an epidemic of children being raised without their fathers it’s not just enough to blame government or blame racism or blame poverty. It’s also important for us to take a look in the mirror and make sure that we’re looking after our kids. That combination, as Dr. King said an either or proposition, it’s a both and proposition. We have mutual responsibilities towards each other in our communities in our churches, our government. But we also have responsibilities for our selves to look after our families and our children and that’s what I was trying to get across.

Are these the same ordinary Americans who were clinging to their God and their guns not too long ago?  Amazing.  I love how it just dismisses the question and refers back to comfortable talking points.

12.  Huckabee on Obama – His ideas are wrong for America

I believe his ideas are totally wrong for America and many of his plans would take us the opposite direction from where I think we need to go. He is an ardent supporter for the most liberal and indefensible positions on abortion, including his refusal to support a ban on the most vile forms of all, partial birth abortion. He has stated that he would be an activist in seeking to push for what the anti-life forces euphemistically call “reproductive rights.”

His plan to raise taxes would be an economic disaster for our nation. We would lose jobs and investment and see the economy really squeeze the working class with even higher fuel and food prices.

He would implement more government control on everything from health care to small business and that’s not the right direction for us.

13.  John Lott on the big picture behind abortion, and its unintended consequences.  (HT: Carol Platt Liebau)

14.  I so can’t wait to see this movie.


15.  A way you can help out Iowans who were impacted (and still being impacted in S.E. Iowa).  (HT: An Iowa Mom)

16. Plastic Churches

Somebody has way, way too much time on their hands building this model church entirely out of legos.  It kind of reminds me of the Crystal Cathedral.

Drew Hill made a great point about how a lot of churches are plastic, lifeless.  Make sure to read his whole post, and see the other two pictures.

I looked at the pictures for a couple of minutes and made some observations. First, this can’t be a Presbyterian church because all the empty seats are towards the back. And it can’t be a Baptist church because all of the people are smiling. It’s not a charismatic church either since everyone is seated with not a single hand raised. Must not be contemporary either – no screens or projection. Way too many windows to be postmodern. What kind of church is this anyway?

It’s a plastic church, and it just may represent a significant number of churches in America. You know what I mean? Plastic. Neat and clean, but also cold and sterile. Artificial, lifeless worship, everyone neatly in place and unchanging, pretending to have church, but for display purposes only, nothing to do with real life. Plastic churches built by enterprising humans rather than birthed by the Spirit of God. Little churches where little people have little faith in a little God.

17.  Ah yes, true friendship.

HT: Crummy Church Signs

18.  Rules run amok… Journey Guy, Jeff Noble on modern-day Pharisees.

19.  Organic Faith on Holy Underwear – yep, kid you not.  Mormons… go figure.

20.  Church Haiku – the sound guy/girl experience.

We’ve got a new song
We all forgot to tell you
Until our service
The background is blue
The pastor’s shirt is blue too
Like a floating head
I messed up the song
I sang all the wrong verses
But I still blamed you
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hot mic
Could I get more guitar please
No, that’s way too much
Can you mic a bird?
I have a worship eagle
You might need some gloves

Source: Stuff Christians Like


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