At least that is what a group of college presidents and Chancellors called the Amethyst Initiative say.  Presidents from universities like Duke, Butler, Colgate, John Hopkins, and Dartmouth are signatories.

They say that the 21-year old drinking age doesn’t work and it has “created a culture of dangerous binge drinking on their campuses.”  They say this even though a recent study shows that lowering the drinking age (at least that was experienced in New Zealand) caused an increase in car crashes among younger people.

One side says that if it is lowered then drinking loses its appeal.  It is no longer taboo.  They say if you are allowed to vote and serve in the military then why not drink too?

The other side groups like MADD and CASA will cite the study I referenced, general immaturity, poor choices made under the influence, and brain development that is still occurring that increases a young adults propensity for addiction.  It has also been shown to save lives.

What say you?

Update: Follow-up question – I know we have a diversity of opinions and worldviews that follow this blog.  I’m curious, what is your view on drinking?

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