Mike Huckabee sent an update to his supporters.  At the end of his thoughts he talks about what the priorities of the election should be.  I’m placing the entire text of his thoughts below (since I know by looking at my stats some of you don’t click to other sites much).  What do you think of what the Governor wrote?

Dear Team:

The Democrats are beginning to arrive in Denver for the coronation, er uh, NOMINATION, of Barak Obama. In the past few weeks, some of the shine and glitter has begun to disappear as he stumbled badly trying to escape his own record on fundamental issues like the sanctity of life. His non-answer to Rick Warren in the Saddleback Forum was more revealing for what he didn’t say than what he said. He did what many far left liberals do when it comes time to discuss the life issue—he changed the topic. He said that answers to such questions either scientifically or theologically were “above his pay grade.”

Mr. Obama, most people earning far below YOUR pay grade know enough science to realize that when 23 chromosomes from a female and 23 from a male unite in the moment of conception, a life containing 46 unique chromosomes is created. For all the talk from liberals as to how they follow science and therefore end up with their positions on global warming and evolution, they seem to claim utter ignorance of one of science’s irrefutable facts—what kind of life is created at conception.

Here’s the clear “science:”

When the male sperm and female egg join, a new and unique life form is created. At conception. Not at birth or viability, or when a lawyer says so. At conception this happens. John McCain got it right; Obama pled less scientific knowledge than a 5th grader.

This life is either human or something else. Science irrefutably would declare that the life which is starting from that moment is human. It’s not a stalk of broccoli, it’s not a parrot, squirrel, or dolphin. It will never become a tree—it can only become a human. It has the entire DNA schedule that it will have for the rest of its life right then. In days it will begin to take on increasingly observable human characteristics and form, but at conception, it is biologically human.

If this life is human, then the only issue left is whether this human life falls under the notion that it has a fundamental right of existence or not. If not, it is because we as a culture have decided that some human lives are simply not worth living. If we can decide that about an innocent and unborn baby, we can also decide it on the basis of less absolute criteria than that. If we make that choice (and this is all about “CHOICE,” isn’t it?) then someone may decide that a terminally ill person is not a life worth living. Maybe a severely disabled child is a life not worth living; what about a person with a limited IQ? Say that’s absurd—that an educated and enlightened society would never be so audacious as to begin to terminate life based on such arbitrary excuses? Maybe you haven’t studied Nazi Germany, in which the murder of six million Jews was justified because of their religion and millions of others were murdered because of their politics. Germany was not a primitive, superstitious culture. It was one filled with the intelligentsia and enlightened.

This is an important issue. It’s why we can’t trust Obama with America’s future because he’s not even sure which Americans are worth saving and which ones aren’t. And it’s why that for many of us, McCain’s selection of a running mate really does matter. Because John McCain clearly is pro life, I will support and vote for him because Obama is not an option for me as a pro life person. I will be disappointed if McCain doesn’t pick a true pro life person and realize that should that happen, he will lose many of the very people who supported me. I cannot expect all of you to vote for McCain if he chooses someone whose record isn’t pro life. It will be a less than perfect decision for all of us—our only real choices are McCain and Obama; one will protect life and one won’t. Some will argue for a 3rd party candidate and I respect that, but in political realities, that is essentially a vote for Obama and I can’t go there.

I want lower taxes, less government, more local control, less spending, greater accountability for tax dollars, a strong national defense, and less government regulation. But above all, I want a government who respects life—mine, yours, and that of people I don’t know and even those I don’t like. A government that decides that an unborn baby isn’t worth anything may one day decide that about me. Or you.

This election shouldn’t be about taxes. It ought to be about life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Mike Huckabee

(Bold emphasis mine)

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