I just finished watching the Saddleback Civil Forum (2nd airing) hosted by Saddleback Community Church.  I viewed this forum with skepticism, but I have to say that I was happy with how it turned out.

I think Pastor Rick Warren got more information out of the two candidates than what we’ve seen in different debates.  I liked the forum.  I think there could have been more follow-up questions, but he covered a lot of ground.  There was definitely a lot of tough questions and I am glad that abortion, gay marriage and other issues that I thought was going to be left out were discussed.

I am going to post my thoughts on this forum tomorrow (since I’ve got to get to bed), but one thing is certain you can see a clear contrast between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama.  While you wait for my thoughts… I’d like to encourage you to check out Amanda Carpenter’s recap on John McCain and Barack Obama over at TownHall.com.  You can also check out Fox News coverage of the event.

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