Kansas Bob tagged me for a “six random things about me” meme.  I don’t do these that often so this will be fun.

  1. I named my first dog Deaner (a Shizu, Llhsa Apso, Poodle mix), after the nickname that I had growing up that I absolutely hated.  My middle name is Dean (I won’t count that as a random thing about me), and thus my nickname was Deaner which rhymes with all sorts of things.  Anyway, my mother is not a particular fan of dogs would suddenly find the dog coming to her when she would call me Deaner.  I’ve never been called Deaner since (at least not by my mother).
  2. I had my Tote-n-Chip card taken away by my father when I was a Boy Scout because I tried cutting into a golf ball with my pocket knife.  Kind of a stuck on stupid moment.
  3. I was the leading tackler for my Jr. High football team.  They had me play nose guard, because I was quick.  When I moved into Des Moines (from Bondurant, IA), I found in high school that being quick mattered not when you were lining up against a guy who outweighed you by 80 lbs easy.
  4. When I was a freshman at Drake University (1990-1991), every dorm room had a Mac.  I didn’t bother trying this new fangled e-mail thing (I don’t remember what it was called back then) because I thought it was a fad.  I mean who needs computers for other things than typing papers right?  LOL!
  5. Speaking of computers I never owned one at home until 8 years ago.
  6. I made the State Freestyle Wrestling tournament where I promptly got my head handed to me by a guy in the first round who ended up being an all-American at the University of Northern Iowa.  That was the only time I got a bloody nose during a match.  Yeah, good times.

There, now you probably learned more about me than you wanted to know!

Let’s see… I’m supposed to tag six people for this:  I am going to choose… Brent (who hasn’t blogged since May, maybe this will give you something to blog about!), Wayne, G-Man, Josh, Drew, and Rachel.  I’m going to do a bonus because I’m feeling like dishing out some link love – Steve.  You can either post it on your blog or leave a comment here.  Just let me know when you do.

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