Well not really, but if you are an intense political junkie then you are on the edge of your seat. 

Jonathan Martin at Politico reports today that two GOP sources close to the McCain campaign are saying that he is going to tap former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as his running mate, but then there is a planned rally with Mike Huckabee in Missouri.

Mark Halperin set off tremors in the political world last night by reporting via two Republicans that John McCain had settled on Mitt Romney to be his running mate.   

Top sources in McCainworld, though, say this morning that no final decision has been made.  

There are mixed signals at this point as to whether Romney has emerged as the favorite.  

That seems to be the “body language” from the small group of aides who McCain is consulting on the decision, a GOP source says.  

And that interpretation was reinforced when word spread among Romney loyalists last night that the vice presidential rollout tour included Michigan. 

But Michigan is a battleground, and the tour also includes a stop in the swing state of Ohio a week from today. 

Making matters more confusing, Politico has learned that McCain will visit suburban St. Louis for a major rally with Romney and his still-bitter primary nemesis Mike Huckabee on Sunday, Aug. 31, the day before the start of the GOP convention.

First off.  This is getting stupid.  Signs were pointing to Sarah Palin as well.  Though not quite as silly as the Obama’s campaign, “we know and will announce it at any time.”  People on the edge of their seats waiting for their text message.

Secondly I trust “unnamed sources” as far as I can throw them, but then again why leak this on a Friday?  Slow news day and people aren’t paying attention?  See if they get some pushback on Romney?  Interesting.

Thirdly, Huckabee has said that he is not being considered.  Why would he make a misstep and say that if he was being vetted?  Lying doesn’t help if you are running as a person of integrity.  Unless he honestly didn’t know he was being considered.  Right.

Fourthly, let me give some push back if somebody from the McCain campaign actually reads this.  Do not choose Romney as a running mate.  He has all sorts of problems.  He portrays himself in whatever fashion he thinks will get elected.  He can’t be trusted.  He doesn’t have a conservative record.

Ultimately what McCain needs is a solid conservative who has a record to match the rhetoric.  You won’t find it in Romney.  But hey, at least he has good hair!

Updated: 8/23/08 – 12:12am – The Obama Campaign has announced that Delaware Senator Joe Biden will be his running mate.

Biden comes with baggage, and I find it interesting the one who said that Obama wasn’t ready to be president is now his running mate.  Politically this makes more sense than having Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as a running mate.

I think Senator Evan Bayh would have been a good moderate choice.  I think that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson would have been the best choice though.

Did anyone catch the hoax earlier that Obama picked independent Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.

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